Miracle Moments


1. Year of Greater Love- God revealed as our Father (ever more)


2. Year of Greater Return– many will return to the Father God through the Shed Blood of Jesus Christ.            


3. Year of Greater Oneness– former rain & latter rain together (personal oneness with the Father and Son Jesus thru the Holy Spirit will result in oneness in churches, families, workplaces etc.)


4. Year of His Word– God (the resurrected Jesus) will watch over His Word and will perform it.


5. Year of Greater Works– The Holy Spirit power will work Signs, Wonders, Miracles & Healings.


6. Year of The Bride– Awareness of the imminent Rapture in mid-air will increase and the church (the body) will be prepared as the Bride – salvation gets completed.


7. Prime Prophecy – 1 Samuel 30:8

“You shall pursue (with Praise) and You shall surely overtake (takeover) them and without fail recover all”

“Thou shall become the Head and not the tail”


“Thou shall Fruitful, multiply, replenish and have dominion over all”


“Everlasting Joy and Gladness will be upon our head – sorrow and mourning will pass away”



8. The Good,the Great and the Glorious is reserved and will be released now onwards (The Best Wine) to the “Bride” (i.e. every one of us in Christ Jesus.)