Miracle Moments




1)         2nd Chronicles 20:21

King Jehoshaphat suddenly heard that a great army of the enemies are coming against him for battle. King David too experienced similar situations many times. And we too face such times in life, where we feel the same and are scared or stressed in fear. But rejoice, Be of good cheer, Be not Afraid. JESUS CHRIST our LORD, our SAVIOR and GOD has won the victory over Satan and hell, by “HIS shed Blood death and triumphant Resurrection.”


            As we enter into 2021, Let us all “Come and Believe and Receive this Eternal victory            now and sing and shout “PRAISE the LORD, HIS Mercy endures forever.”


2)         John 20:21

As JESUS rose from the dead and appeared physically to his disciples who were living in fear ‘shut’ inside the room, knowing not what is about to happen in the future, Jesus said “Peace be unto you, As MY FATHER sent me, I send you.” In the same manner, HE is sending us (leading us by HIS Holy Spirit) into 2021. JESUS CHRIST in coming in us, with us into 2021.


Let us not fear or be troubled. There is always peace, joy, life in abundance, victories, long and Eternal with JESUS CHRIST living in us and leading us into 2021.


3)         Prepared as HIS True BRIDELuke 15:8

A lady had ten silver coins, but she lost one of them and was now left over with only nine. It is interesting to understand that all 10 were needed for her marriage. Therefore, she was sad, but determined to search and find the lost silver coin. She searched continuously everywhere with the lamp, she tirelessly sought and at last found the last coin and rejoiced exceedinglyeven inviting her friends and made known to everyone her gladness. She is now ready for her marriage as a bride.


This year 2021 onwards, anything or anyone lost will be found bythe Loving HAND of JESUS in our lives and Rejoice because we will be prepared continually as the “True Bride for JESUS in the coming more years until Rapture in mid-air with JESUS CHRIST.


4)         Be not afraid, It is I, be of good cheer  - Matthew 14:27  &  Psalm 93:4

It doesn’t matter, how challenging and stressful life is, the (defeated) devil may scare you and cause fear and doubt. You may feel you are not going to make it at all. “Be of good cheer”. JESUS CHRIST is Risen and has defeated, destroyed all works of the enemy (the devil). HE is walking on the stormy waters of life coming to you (all of us) to give us the victory and peace in life. “Be not afraid”, Believe and Receive the victory life of peace from JESUS CHRIST our Risen living Saviour GOD and LORD.


5)         You shall overcome and inheritRevelation 21:7

This year onwards, HIS mighty Saving Blood Shed for us and HIS Great Compassionate Holy Spirit will be evermore nearer to us and we can stretch forth our heart and soul and be filled and washed over and over again. Let not your heart be troubled. GOD our FATHER helps, and strengthens us in our weakness, comforts us and we overcome every temptation, trial and test and will be overcomers and we shall be HIS children and inherit life, life in abundance, long and well satisfied with salvation, victorious and triumphant with peace, joy and the Righteousness of JESUS in us until “Rapture” as HIS True Bride forever.


6)         You will Rise and live againMicah 7:8

The (defeated) devil could have pushed you down, oppressed you and even put you to shame. “Be of good cheer”. The WORD of GOD JESUS, and HIS Holy Spirit come to you now to lift you again, and you will stand again. This will be a shock or surprise to many. It is because you “trusted” in CHRIST JESUS alone and HIS shed Blood.


7)         It is more Blessed to give than to ReceiveActs 20:35

We should give our life, time, talents, all at the feet of JESUS. It is the ‘year of giving’. All who love and follow JESUS must endeavor to become like HIM in all manner of life and ministry. JESUS says HE is looking for “Good Samaritans” in HIS church (spiritual and material). Everything good and everlasting in our life has come from God our FATHER. At least let us realize this great truth now, and freely give as JESUS gives (and gave).


8)         Give your First, your Best and you allLuke 21:4

Every “first” fruit in our life continually belongs to JESUS CHRIST. Our giving must be sincere and clean in our hearts and therefore must always be the Best we can afford. And we must give all to JESUS. Allow HIM to be the True LORD of our whole life in all matters. Again, we say “give it all” to JESUS. This year onwards until Rapture let us all give our time, our whole life, our finances, and our genuine sincere clean Love to “please JESUS” as HIS True Child and True Bride until “Rapture” and Eternally in Heaven thereafter with JESUS CHRIST in our FATHER’S mansions. John 14:2-3