International Testimonies







Miracle Healing Rally with Pastor V. Dill

  • Young lady carried into the ground in a wheel chair was healed instantly.  Got up from the wheel chair and walked.
  • Malignant cancer lumps disappeared from the bodies of the people and they came and testified openly on the stage.
  • Few people partially blind in their eyes were healed instantly and they testified to now having a clear vission.
  • A little child born dumb spoke for the first time on the stage.
  • Few people who had defect in their feet and legs and used crutches and sticks for walking were instantly healed. They walked and ran freely without any crutches.
  • Few people who had defective in hearing were instantly healed and could hear clearly from thereon.
  • The name "Deres" was called out by word of knowledge with accompanying words: Jesus heals you now. A boy subsequently came on stage to testify that his broken finger was instantly healed when he heard his name was called out.
  • A gentleman called "Jerry" came on stage and testified that his hand, back and feet were instantly healed that very instant.
  • A young lady with a knee injury who represented their country Mauritius for an Olympic Marathon attented to the healing rally. She was in the midst of a huge crowd when Pastor Dill proclaimed by the "Word of Knowledge" that "Jesus is healing knee pain due to injury".  She checked herself and was amazed she was able to bend her knees without pain.  She ran to the stage and testified of her instant healing.
  • Numerous number of people got healed of knee pains and one of them was a young boy whom the mother had brought to the stage during testimony time.  She was rejoicing and praising Jesus.
  • Few who were suffering from back pains for a period of time came to the rally having faith that Jesus would heal them. They were all healed instantly and began praising and thanking Jesus.
  • Skin ailments disappeared instantly as some came and testified on the stage.
  • Stiffness, paralysis, and rheumatic pains disappeared instantly as many testified on the stage.
  • Anne's name was called out bye the word of knowledge and instantly she was healed from severe chest and stomach pains. All the pain disappeared instantly.  She was rejoicing and praising Jesus.
  • Asthma diseases were healed instantly and people testified and even threw away their breathalyzers.
  • Luis name was called out by word of knowledge and he subsequently came and testified that all the pains from his spine and back had vanished instantly.  He was rejoicing and praising Jesus.



Miracle School for Healing and Wholeness with Pastor V. Dill

  • Eyes - loss of vision restored, defects and pains removed instantly.  Some removed their spectacles and saw clearly.
  • Hands - numbness and rheumatic pains disappeared instantly. (They moved their hands freely praising God for their miracle healing).
  • Finger - stiffness (unable to move at all) and pains vanished instantly.  They moved their fingers rejoicing and praising God.
  • Shoulder - frozen shoulder, severe pains, swelling disappeared instantly.  People lifted their hands and moved shoulder praising God.
  • Chest - unbearable pain, breathing difficulties ceased instantly.  Some threw away their medicines, praising God as they breathe freely and painfree.
  • Heart (enlarged heart disease) - pain on the left side of the body disappeared instantly.  People rejoiced and praised God since they will no longer require any medical treatment, which they cannot afford for as it were.
  • Paul (name was called out) - was instantly healed from terrible stomach ailments and pains.
  • Esther (name were called out by the ord of knowledge) - with cancerous lumps in her chest; the lump disappeared right there. Her own Pastor came on stage with her and testified of her immediate healing.
  • Legs & Feet - disorders, paralysis, dumbness and all sorts of pains were removed instantly.  One lady testified her foot was defective abd shorter than the other, but suddenly it became right and same length.  She was rejoicing and praising God as she walk perfectly well.
  • Neck - spondalytis pain and stiffness disappeared instantly.
  • Ear - partially deaf ear was healed instantly and they could hear perfectly.
  • Lung & Mouth - young girl with continuous pain in the chest and lung, unable to breath and stand; and didn't talk for many months, was healed instantly.
  • Dumb spoke - her ailement disappeared and she opened her mouth and spoke well after many months of dumbness.
  • Spine & Back - pains in the spine, back and waist instantly healed.
  • Lumps, Tumors, Cancer Growth - such diseases in the breasts, abdomen and chests vanished instantly.  All ailements including lumps disappeared.  People rejoiced with exceeding joy, praising Jesus forever.
  • Lady - she could not move her hand because she was bitten by a dog on her hand. By the power of God, her hand instantly became normal and because of her healing, she is able to sleep peacefully in the night.



Miracle Moments Healing Rally with Pastor V. Dill 

  • "Tina" name called out by Holy Spirit Word of knowledge - terrible chest pain disappeared instantly, breathed well praising God.
  •  A lady - 1 year severe pain on the left side (near heart). The pain vanished instantly and they praised God for the wonderful healing.
  • A man - "Word of knowledge" terrible pain in chest and heart - unable to breathe well or even stand. Instantly healed by the power of God - rejoiced & said I searched for the pain but it was nowhere to be found - praise God forever.
  • Lady - "Word of knowledge" prolonged pain & stiffness in shoulders & hand for almost 11 years.  Instantly healed & delivered - praised our Lord Jesus so much.
  • Lady - came with awful stomach pain & little bleeding.  As the power of the Holy Spirit filled her, the pain instantly left her, the bleeding also stopped completely.
  • Lady - came with a walking stick. As she acted in Faith in Jesus Name - she walked well without the stick, clapping her hands together as she move about.
  • Lady - had awful skin itching with a terrible pain in  the neck - instantly healed by the Hands of God - rejoiced praising the Lord.
  • Lady - "Word of Knowledge" had severe pains in neck, left arm & heart palpitations. As she trusted our Lord Jesus, she was instantly healed & could moved her arms, neck so freely, praising God.
  • Man - "Word of knowledge" - came with unbearable back pains (for 6 months) couldn't stand much or even bend his back.  But as the power of the Holy Spirit filled him - instantly he was healed moved his back so freely praising our Lord Jesus forever.
  •  Lady - battled with cancer for 2 years like electric power flowing through her body.  She was healed instantly by the touch of God - related symptoms vanished.  She felt new strength, life, joy & she rejoiced rapturously praising God.
  • Lady - came with terrible pain in her thighs & legs; she couldn't move her body properly. As the name of Jesus was mentioned, she instantly received perfect healing - her pain and uneasiness vanished instantly & she could move her body and legs freely.
  • Lady - came holding onto crutches to help her to walk.  As the power of God filled her, she was able to walk well without the crutches. She praised God for her healing.
  • Lady - "Word of knowledge" pain on her knees & she couldn't stand properly - instantly healed - all her pain vanished.  She could move and bend her knees even as she praised God.
  • Lady - she was wearing spectacles but wanted to see without using it. As she believed the living Word of God, she removed her spectacles & surely, she received perfect vision and saw clearly - perfectly healed (no more spectacles).
  • Man - "Word of knowledge' terrible pain on the neck & couldn't move his neck at all - instantly healed by the power of the Holy Spirit - praised our God Jesus forever.
  • As many more healed of skin rashes, thyroids, frozen shoulders, stomach ailments, high blood sugar, high blood pressures etc.



Miracle Moments Healing Rally with Pastor V. Dill

  • A man with ailment in his feet, walking with crutches was instantly healed.  He removed the crutches, walked freely and praising God for his healing.
  • Lady with pain on her legs and hips, unable to move freely. She also had severe pain on her left hand and wrist. She was instantly healed.  She walked perfectly well without any pain, raised and moved her hand freely praising God. 
  • Man with nine years of pains in the shoulders and hence couldn't raise or move his hands properly received his instant healing and he raised and moved his hand, praising Jesus.
  • A man whose left eye was ailing and thus, had a defective vision, coupled with pain on his left leg was instantly healed. He was amazed and praised God for his instant healing.
  • Lady with pain in the right ear and jaws was also healed.  She rejoiced praising God.  
  • A lady with severe throat, spondalytis in the neck and such unable to move her neck, and numbness in fingers was instantly healed. She praised God for her healing.
  • Lady with severe stomach pain - due possibly, to a suspected tumor in abdomen - was instantly healed. She was pain-free therein and even the protruding lump in her stomach disappeared immediately. She praised God in amazement.
  • Young name (first time in a Christian meeting) had severe pain in her shoulders, couldn't move her arms and also terrible back pain was instantly healed.  He was amazed and rejoiced praising God believing Jesus truly lives.
  • Another young lady who for five years had breathing difficulties and chest pain was also healed instantly. She breathed well rejoicing and praising God.
  • Man with continuous bleeding - tumor in stomach, weakness in body and other pains was instantly healed and al the bleeding flow stopped, pain vanished and he felt new strength in his body.  He was astonished to see that the lump in his stomach disappeared at once.
  • Young girl came into the Healing Rally with fear and depression.  The power of God set her free instantly and she testified of joy and peace that filled her.  She was praising God, 
  • Many were healed of severe back pains.
  • Many testified that they were healed from knee and leg pains.



Miracle Moments Healing Rally with Pastor V. Dill 

  • A lady partially deaf and using hearing aid on both ears was intantly healed. She removed her hearing aids right there and heard perfectly in both ears.
  • Two young girls wearing spectacles for years were both healed instantly; they removed their spectacles and jumped for joy and excitement as they were able to see well.
  • Young men in crutches couldn’t walk well: the power of God came upon them and instantly they walked perfectly unaided.
  • A young boy with swelling and lump in his abdomen and testicles, testified that he felt a warm sensation as the Holy Spirit touched his body. When he checked  and put his hand on the affected areas he noticed that the lump and swelling had disappeared and he no longer felt any pain.
  • A young girl with a big cyst in her throat was healed in Jesus Name. The cyst disappeared and visibly her throat became normal. People were amazed and shouted joyfully as they witnessed God’s miracle working power in their midst. The next day the girl brought her ten friends into the Miracle Healing Rally to witness more of God’s love and power.
  • A lady terribly sick with thyroid pains and growth in her throat and possessed by the defeated demonic spirit (uncontrallable) was immediately delivered and set free. She came to the platform rejoicing and praising Jesus as she no longer felt any pain, the lump had already disappeared. She testified that she was full of peace, calmness and joy.
  • A man with impediment in hearing in one of his ears was also healed immediately; he could hear clearly for the first time.
  • A lady came in the Miracle Healing Rally with a fever.  She was also affected with a cancerous tumor associated with pain.  When the power of God came upon her, she was instantly relieved of both fever and swelling. She was full of joy, praising Jesus.
  • Many with terrible neck and shoulder pains were healed instantly. They all testified and demostrated their healing by moving their neck and shoulders freely without any pain. They were praising God.
  • Some with terrible hip and back pains also testified of their instant healing. Moved their hips and bent their back freely without pain at all.
  • Through the “word of knowledge” a lady was healed from severe wrist pain. She could move her wrist and fingers freely and was full of joy as she was pain-free.
  • Few ladies with breathing difficulties and chest pain, testified that they were able to breathe freely without any discomfort.
  • A young girl with severe abdomenal pain and unable to stand as a result was brought to the Healing Rally. Because of the expectation and faith of the people around her, the girl was healed right there as the Holy Spirit touched her through the “word of knowledge”.
  • Many with feet, ankles and knee pains that couldn’t walk or stand for long received a touch from the Lord. They were healed by the touch of God.
  • A young man with terrible pain all over his body including his leg and hip and couldn’t stand as a result was instantly healed through the “word of knowledge”. The power of God instantly filled him and he got up and walked freely back and forth with no pain.
  • Through the "word of knowledge" the name "Olivia" was called out, subsequently a lady name Olivia came on the platform to testify that the same instant her name was called out. She was filled with the peace of God, a sudden change from her previous disposition of deep sorrow and depression. She wept uncontrollably as she testified that she felt the love and power of God for the first time.  She left the place with so much joy and peace.


Miracle School for Healing & Wholeness with Pastor V. Dill

  • A man in the wheelchair for two years was instantly healed and received new strength from the Lord. He got up and walked unaided, praising Jesus' name.
  • Two deaf people with hearing aids were completely healed by the power of God. They demonstrated their healing by removing their aids - they could hear clearly.
  • People suffering from “Osteoporosis” for several years and associated with pain in the shoulder, neck, and spine were desperate for healing as medication only offered temporary relief. But the awesome presence of God healed them instantly and the pain disappeared instantly. They testified with joy and praised God for their healing miracles.
  • A man with defect on his leg and acute pain was using crutches when he came in the Miracle School; the power of God touched him and he was immediately delivered from pain. He walked well all by himself and full of joy.
  • A lady with a lump and pain in her jaw just below her ear was instantly healed. The lump disappeared and the pain is gone too.
  • A young man for two years coudn’t lift his hands up and medication failed him. He came in the Miracle School with great expectation that God will heal him. To his surprise, he was instantly healed and was able to move his arms up and down freely without pain at all.
  • A young girl suffering from terrible shoulder and neck pains associated with cramps came in the Miracle School for Healing and Wholeness believing God for her miracle. Although the medical doctor recommended a major surgery to ease her sufferings, she was adamant in her faith that God will heal her so she pursued going to the Miracle School. There, God healed her instantly. She was able to move her neck and shoulder freely without pain at all.
  • A name was called out “Clifford” through “Word of knowledge”. He was praying for his mother who was suffering from hips and feet pains. His mother couldn’t walk much or stand for long for many years but God’s power touched her and made her whole. She walked well and stood up having no pain at all.
  • A father left his ailing son in the ICU with life support and came to the Miracle School believing God for his son’s healing. Full of faith this man went back to the hospital knowing in his spirit that he'll find his son out of danger without life support and recovering well. He testified with exceeding joy the next day that his son is perfectly well.
  • Many people with terrible pains in the feet and ankles couldn’t stand or walk properly, but when the power of God came upon them, they were instantly healed; they stood and walked well in Jesus Name.
  • People with severe back pains for several years and unable to bend were immediately healed. They were amazed by the mighty power of God in the midst of them. They were rejoicing and praising the Lord.
  • Cancerous lumps and swelling in the stomach disappeared instantly.
  • Neck pains and cramps disappeared instantly from people who were suffering from many days. They testified with joy for the healing they received.
  • People with chest pains and breathing difficulties received healing too.
  • People with severe throat pains and continous coughing were immediately healed.
  • Long years of tearing eyes and pains were healed instantly.



Miracle Moments Healing Rally with Pastor V. Dill

  • Some people born blind were able to see clearly for the first time.
  • Many who were partially blind were also healed instantly.
  • Paralyzed men and women carried into the ground were immediately healed and walked well.
  • Two young boys who came in crutches were healed instantly. They came up the stage demonstrated their healing by walking without their aids.
  • Numerous severe abdominal swelling and pains were also healed by the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Quite a few with pain in the ovaries testified that the pain instantly disappeared.
  • About eight of them who were partially paralyzed in the arms received touch from the Holy Spirit and moved their hands   freely and swung them on the air fully healed.
  • Some who were partially deaf received instant healing in Jesus Name. They were able to hear clearly and rejoicing as they testified.
  • HIV disease and all its symptoms disappeared right there by the power of the Holy Spirit. They were healed and delivered.
  • Eight cancerous tumours/lumps in the chest, and stomach instantly disappeared. Even the pain vanished and was made whole.
  • Many names that were called out were sufferings from chest and abdominal pains, unable to move their hands were  healed and pains disappeared instantly.
  • A lady with paralyzed right hand heard about the crusade while in the hospital. The next day she asked the hospital staff to remove her treatment tube and went to attend the crusade. There she received healing and moved her right hand raising it freely praising Jesus for her miracle.
  • A young girl with a strange blood disease that resulted to a leg and swollen knees was  instantly healed by the power of the Holy Spirit. She then walked perfectly as she received healing.
  • Three people with severe neck cramps and pains were healed in Jesus Name.
  • Nine people with chest pains and unbearable breathing difficulties were immediately healed. They can finally breath with ease.
  • Some who were ailing in their back and having kidney infections were delivered from pain.
  • Little children unable to walk and stand freely were healed and made whole. Their standing and walking posture became visibly normal.
  • A lady with continuous blood flow that resulted to weak body was healed instantly and stood upright with renewed strength.
  • Two dear people partially paralyzed having  complaints on numbness on their hands and fingers were healed that very moment. 
  • Heavy rains and thunderstorms stopped just an hour before the start of the miracle healing crusade on the first day of the crusade. Bright sun came up suddenly and dried up the entire grounds. Jesus is alive and well.


Miracle Moments Healing Rally with Pastor V. Dill

  • Many people instantly healed from severe chest pains, breathing disabilities and bronchial infections (even breathing aid such as inhalers were removed.
  • People with unbearable abdomen pains, gastric ulcers, fibroid pains were instantly healed. All the pains disappeared and they moved their bodies freely and rejoicing.
  • Few were immediately healed from severe back pains due to spinal defects. They moved their bodies freely and walked well.
  • A name “Victoria” was called out. This girl was instantly healed from terrible stomach pains, throat defects (couldn’t eat   or drink properly).
  • A name was called “Lydia”, she was instantly healed from continuous headaches and pains in the neck.
  • Many people who couldn’t walk but used crutches – were instantly healed and walked well and rejoiced.
  • A name called out “Joshua”, he had epilepsy fits and couldn’t stand still for a long time. He was instantly healed by the power of God and stood well and walked well with joy.
  • Many people with partial paralysis and couldn’t move their hands or shoulders were instantly healed,moved their hands up and praised God.
  • Two people who were blind were instantly healed and saw clearly with good vision.
  • Many people with severe ear aches, partial deafness instantly healed and pains vanished and they heard well with their  ears.
  • A name called “Samson” came fasting and trusting God to deliver him from addictions. Suddenly when he heard his name  called out, felt the power of the Holy Spirit filling him and was delivered instantly and rejoiced praising God.
  • A lady – 14 years severely afflicted with disease called meningitis – couldn’t bend or walk properly suffering from terrible pain was instantly healed and walked well without any pain.
  • A lady from childhood with severe headaches and pains (couldn’t go out in hot sun) was instantly healed and rejoiced  much praising God.
  • Few people were instantly healed from excruciating pains in the throat and neck areas (they couldn’t eat or swallow food) as God healed them – they rejoiced and praise God.
  • People with numbness in the left side of their body and also terrible pains in the heart and chest were immediately healed. All the pains vanished, and they moved their arms and bodies so well and praise God.
  • As the Holy Spirit came upon the massive huge crowds many fell under the power of God and were instantly delivered and set free from the defeated demonic oppressions and bondages.


Miracle Moments Healing Rally with Pastor V. Dill

  • A person who was carried into the grounds unable to walk was totally healed, stood up and walked in Jesus’ Name. He was fully rejoicing in Jesus’ Name.
  • A person who had difficulty walking and who came to the meeting in crutches was healed immediately and walked freely without any aid.
  • Blindness and partial vision were healed instantly. Spectacles were removed and they saw clearly.
  • Many having dear ears, and some of them using hearing aids, were healed at that very hour by the power of the Holy Spirit. They removed their hearing aids and heard well.
  • Breathlessness, asthma and severe chest pains were healed immediately. They glorified Jesus and were overjoyed when they came up on the stage testifying they were healed instantly and made whole. Some of them removed their inhalers right there and breathed well.
  • Paralysis and numbness were miraculously healed immediately. They were able to move their hands and body freely and Praise the Lord.
  • Lumps in the breast disappeared instantly and chest/abdomen pains vanished at once in the name of Jesus.
  • Some of them were speechless as they received their miracle healings.
  • Arthritis and terrible back pains were healed instantly. As pain vanished they got up and walked freely without any pain.   Many people were called by their names through the “Word of Knowledge” and received instant healing and wholeness.
  • A person who was having difficulty eating and swallowing solid food was touched by the power of the Holy Spirit and was healed immediately. He demonstrated his healing by eating and drinking in front of everyone and glorified Jesus for his miraculous healing.
  • People who had difficulty standing up were healed and made whole immediately. They stood up and walked well by the power of the Holy Spirit in Jesus’ name.
  • Stomach ulcers and pains were completely healed instantly—perfect relief restored.
  • A lady with 25 years of blood flow, body discharge pains, stench, literally handicapped and was rejected because of her situation was completely healed by the power of the Holy Spirit. She was filled with unspeakable joy as she received the miraculous healing in Jesus’ Name.
  • A man who was completely blind received new sight by the power of God and when he came up the stage it was   observed that a new skin has been created around the eyes.
  • Many with unbearable headaches and piercing pains were instantly healed in Jesus‘ name. They rejoiced and praised    the Lord Jesus for their healings.


Miracle Moments Healing Rally with Pastor V. Dill

  • Lady traveled almost 300 km. to come for the Miracle healing Rally; she had unclear blurred vision in her eyes. During the service, she realized she had been healed instantly and she saw clearly with both her eyes.
  • A lady came with terrible pain in her chest and was unable to breathe properly, but was instantly healed thru the “Word of knowledge” and the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • A lady came with crutches under both her arms and couldn’t walk straight. But as she was called and prayed for the gift of faith and the gift of healing operate together and she was healed and instantly steadily well without the crutches.    Everyone was amazed praising God for His great mercy.
  • A lady had severe back pain for 20 years, unable to bend or work properly; as the Holy Spirit filled her she was healed   instantly. A pastor had unclear vision and blurredness in his eyes. The Holy Spirit came upon him and healed him instantly. A lady had terrible heart defect pain and palpitation in her heart but as the Holy Spirit came upon her during the  time of worship she felt the fire of God filling her, instantly all the pain and uneasiness left and she was healed right there.
  • A man came with all sorts of pain in his shoulders, hips, back and was very uncomfortable. But suddenly as he sought  the help of the Lord Jesus through the “Word of knowledge” the Holy Spirit filled him & instantly he was healed and     made whole.
  • A lady came with terrible pain in her chest and was unable to breathe properly, but was instantly healed thru the “Word    of knowledge” and the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • A lady, had pain in her feet and found it difficult to stand. “Word of knowledge” and the power of the Holy Spirit came upon her and she was healed instantly and she walked freely well.
  • A boy through a “Word of knowledge” had severe pain in stomach and Jesus healed him instantly.


Miracle Moments Healing Rally with Pastor V. Dill

  • A man who couldn’t walk straight and came to the church with crutches was instantly healed (the gift of faith and gift of healing operates together). All pain vanished from his body and he walked instantly well without any crutches “glorifying Jesus” with all his heart.
  • A man who works as a driver had a terrible spinal defect for 3 years. Doctor had advised major surgery for his hips & back. The power of God came upon him and he was healed instantly. He bent down, moved his back and walked freely rejoicing and praising Jesus name.
  • A man with severe chest pain was seated in 8th row on the left side. He heard a “word of knowledge” and his name was called out and God healed him instantly, he breathed well without any pain praising God.
  • A lady with cancer growth under her left arm has received a touched from the Holy Spirit and the lump vanished immediately. The crowd was amazed as this lady testifies and gives God all the glory.
  • A man came in the church with severe neck pain and couldn’t move his neck properly. Through “word of knowledge” and his faith together was healed instantly. He testified of the power of God all over his body and moved his neck freely and rejoicing.
  • Suffering from a blurred vision and seeing impediment, a woman touched by the power of God and was healed instantly and saw clearly well with both eyes praising Jesus.
  • A lady suffering from abdomen pain and kidney urinary organs has received miracle healing through God’s Holy Spirit and all the pains vanished and praised God for her instant healing.
  • A young girl with terrible pain in her leg, the ligament was damaged that she couldn’t even move freely, felt the fire of God filling her body. As a result she was able to move her leg freely, run to and fro on the stage demonstrating her healing. She as rejoicing and praising the Lord Jesus.
  • A young boy with sight impediment was able to see clearly from both eyes when the power of God touched him. He was praising Jesus as he testified on stage.
  • A teenage boy with broken leg fully plastered and with crutches under his arm received the power of God all over his body. As he felt the power of God, he removed the bandages from his leg, threw away the crutches and walked perfectly. Everyone was amazed praising our Loving & Living Savior Jesus .
  • With terrible chest pain and breathing difficulties the same lady was diagnosed with tumor. By “word of knowledge” the Holy Spirit filled her and she was instantly healed in Jesus Name. She clapped her hands, moved them, lifted them, and even breathed well without any pain, praising Jesus so much.



Miracle Moments Healing Rally with Pastor V. Dill

  • Vision of Jesus Christ seen on the stage.
  • A lady came with severe disease and pain in her left leg. Suddenly, she saw the Lord Jesus on the stage and right there she was healed instantly from her leg disease. She was leaping and praising the Lord Jesus for her healing miracle.
  • God instantly opened deaf ears.
  • An elderly man was deaf in both his ears, suddenly the power of the Holy Spirit came upon him and healed him and he was able to hear clearly at once. His own daughter walked him on the stage and testified giving our Lord Jesus all the Glory.
  • Cancer lump vanished instantly.
  • A man came into the Miracle Healing Rally with a “big lump” on his stomach,
  • Suspected to be cancerous tumor. “Word of Knowledge” was spoken and the great Holy Spirit touched him and instantly the lump vanished and he opened his shirt.
  • Cancer lump vanished instantly.
  • A young girl came with a “lump in her throat – cancer tumor”. The doctors had said she require a major surgery. She didn’t have sufficient money for any treatment. Suddenly, the compassion power of the Lord Jesus Christ thru His Holy Spirit came upon her. She put her hand on her throat and realizes the lump was not there anymore. She was praising Jesus.
  • Growth in the head disappear instantly by God's Love and Power.
  • A lady came into the Miracle healing rally with a big swelling (growth) on her head, suddenly the powerful Love of God descended on her and instantly the Lump vanished. She came in front and gave Glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Cancer growth disappears at once by the hand of Jesus.
  • A lady came with a “cancer lump” on her back and with excruciating pain. All of a sudden the Love and Power of God came upon her and the Lord Jesus healed her and the lump vanished instantly. All praises to our loving and Savior Jesus Christ.
  • Name called out and God healed him instantly.
  • A man by the name of “Segar” came with a terrible left side chest pain, unable even to lift his hands. But when he heard his name called he believed with all his heart and suddenly the pain left and he was able to raise his hands and praises God.
  • A name was called out “Shanthi” God healed her completely.
  • A girl by the name “Shanthi” came with severe ear pains and hearing impediment. As her named was called out, she felt the power of God and immediately the pains vanished and she was able to hear clearly. She was praising the Lord Jesus for her healing. God’s love and power healed her instantly.
  • A lady with terrible chest pain, breathing difficulty even feared she may collapse and fall down any time. But as the Holy Spirit came upon her, Jesus Christ healed her instantly. She was surprised and all her pains and fears disappeared at once. Jesus Christ lives forever.


Miracle Moments Healing Rally with Pastor V. Dill

  • A lady with severe abdominal pains, felt movements inside—unable to bear was instantly healed, all pains left her.
  • A lady suffering from ulcer and abdominal pain. Taken medication 40 times unable to sit/move than 30 minutes in one place such immense suffering in body was instantly healed.
  • A young lady had cancer tumor lump above her right breast with severe pain. Suddenly the power of the Holy Spirit came upon her—lump vanished and pain disappeared. She was fully rejoicing with tears of joy unable to express her amazement was praising God.
  • Person came with severe knee pain; unable to walk properly was instantly healed.
  • Word of Knowledge - 12 years of sorrow and depression suddenly she was delivered and the great peace and joy of God filled her.
  • Word of Knowledge for a lady rose up without a father (exact place of seat was also revealed) received joy and great comfort from the Holy Spirit.
  • A young girl with clutches walking with difficulty was healed instantly.
  • A lady blind in one eye was instantly healed and was able to see clearly.
  • One little girl brought by her father; one eye was not moving. The Holy Spirit power touched her and she was able to move her eye and see well normally. The father was rejoicing.
  • A lady—11 years of hip pains and leg cramps couldn’t move her leg properly because of continuous pain. The power of God came upon her and was healed immediately and demonstrated her healing by walking and running on the stage.
  • A girl brought her mother in clutches (not able to walk). God healed the mother instantly and walk well by herself.


Miracle Moments Healing Rally with Pastor V. Dill

  • A man never walked in his entire life, he was in a wheel chair, kept in a care home. The power of God came upon him,instantly stood up and took his first step. He walked and left the hall rejoicing. He came the next day fully by himself walking and praising the Lord.
  • A young girl – for 13 years she had a defect in the hip & thighs (unable to move & walk or spread freely) was instantly healed. She was filled with joy.
  • A lady – a knitter by profession couldn’t continue her work because of numbness in fingers, arms & couldn’t freely move them. God’s power came upon her and she was instantly healed & moved her arms, finger freely.
  • A lady with excruciating pain in feet, thighs & hips, couldn’t stand much or walk freely. But was instantly healed & walked freely without any pain at all.
  • A lady for 6 years couldn’t lift her arm, nor fold her fingers but was instantly healed in the same hour by the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • A man had severe pain & cramp in the neck and right arm from shoulder. Instantly healed (lifted & move his hand freely without any pain at all).
  • A lady with unbearable pain all over her body (especially shoulder, arms, neck etc) kept coming all the 3 days of meetings. God healedher on the 3rd day instantly.
  • Lady who was unable to stand and walk steadily (seated always in a chair) walked freely without any pain in the body.
  • A young man came with numb fingers unable to move them; the power of God came upon him and was instantly healed.Moved his fingers and all senses restored.
  • Young girl had severe shoulder pains, pain in the ankles healed instantly. She moved her body, stamped her feet and jumped up without any pain.


Miracle Moments Healing Rally with Pastor V. Dill

  • A man in the wheelchair was healed instantly and walked freely.
  • A man who was blind in his right eye was healed instantly and was able to see clearly.
  • An elderly man who had a broken bone in the elbow, came with a medical bandage was healed by the power of God. Lifted up and move his arm freely without pain. And finally removed the medical aid.
  • An elderly man came out of his walking aid stick, stood and walked freely without any help of the stick.
  • Another man in a wheelchair receives his miracle healing and instantly stood and walked freely, Rejoicing and praising the Lord.
  • A little boy couldn’t walk for 2 months was healed instantly and walked well at once without any help from his parents.
  • A lady whose fingers was numb and could not move at all or bend them, was healed immediately and was able to move them freely. Was amazed by the power of God.
  • A name was called out by the name of "Anne" had 18 years ear and hand pain was healed by the power of God through the Holy Spirit.
  • Another person by the name of "Anne" was also healed from a frozen shoulder.
  • A lady with partially paralyzed left arm was healed instantly by the power of the Holy Spirit. She testified in front and moved her arm freely.
  • Another lady due to earlier breast surgery was having severe pain in her right arm. However, the power of God touched her and the pain disappeared. She was able to move her arm freely without pain for the first time after the surgery.
  • Young girl with continuous sinus headache was also healed immediately.
  • Blind man from both eyes was healed by the power of God through the Holy Spirit and was healed instantly. He saw clearly and was praising the Lord.
  • A lady shivering in her hands cannot hold anything firmly for one year, was healed and the shivering stopped and was able to hold things steadily.
  • An elderly lady, who was in a wheelchair for long already, was healed by the power of God. She stood and finally walks all by herself.


Miracle School for Healing and Wholeness with Pastor V. Dill

  • A pastor, 40 years of chest pain with occasional back pains was fully healed by the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Two girls came forward and testified that they were healed instantly from “frozen shoulders and pain”.
  • A young man with swelling, pain in ankles and unable to move his feet because of ice skating was fully healed and was able to move his feet freely without pain at all.
  • Gina - a name was called our and her stomach pain and uneasiness was fully healed and filled with joy.
  • Mercy -  name called out—was on medication tablets due to stomach pain & uneasiness, fully healed instantly (did not take any tablets from the 1st day).
  • Francis - a name was called out with severe back pain for 3 years but was healed instantly in Jesus name.
  • Diana - a name called out and was filled in the Holy Spirit, spoke in tongues and fully delivered from all fear.
  • A young man with short vision on his right eye was fully healed and saw clearly just like his right eye.
  • A “word of knowledge” for a father concerning his son who was having fever at home while he was in the Conference, was fully healed when he reached home and testified the next day.


Miracle Moments Healing Rally with Pastor V. Dill

  • A man came with a severe chest pain burning sensation in his heart. As the “Word of Knowledge” was spoken God’s power came upon him and he was healed instantly and that pain just disappeared.
  • A lady, her name “Ruth” was called by the power of the Holy Spirit. She had come with a terrible itching, scratching in her skin right from her neck, down her hand, hips etc. She was healed instantly by the Holy Spirit and she felt so fine & comfortable rejoicing praising God.
  • A girl had excruciating pain in her neck, legs, and feet, was instantly healed. She rejoiced and stood and walked perfectly well.
  • A lady had severe pain & discomfort in her feet, ankles and couldn’t walk properly. But as the Holy Spirit power came upon her. She was healed instantly and she walked so freely without any pain or difficulty.
  • A lady couldn’t move her neck at all, had terrible pain, but when the Holy Spirit power filled her, immediately the pain vanished and she moved her neck, arms so freely praising God.
  • A man suffering with fever, body pain unable to stand or walk even, but he was determined to come for the healing service. Our loving Lord Jesus healed him instantly and he felt so fine, comfortable with no pain nor fever in his body.
  • A lady had continuous headache, and even sometimes unable to breath, but as she believed on the Lord Jesus, the Holy Spirit filled her and immediately the headache left her and even she was able to breath well with so much comfort and joy.
  • A young girl was very depressed with grief and sorrow in life. The sweet Holy Spirit filled her and she received so much peace, joy and great comfort instantly.


The people who have experienced the touch of God in their life.


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