Our faithful Lord attests Pastor V. Dill’s ministry with instant signs, wonders and miracles and mega multitudes in the parent church, Dubai (KRC Intl.) and worldwide open air Miracle Moments Healing and Blessing Festivals in many nations.

The blind see, the deaf hear, the lame walk, the dumb speak with many incredible healing and life saving testimonies by the power and mercy of God, drawing millions of people to Christ Jesus our Saviour (Luke 7:22 / Matthew 11:5-6 / Hebrews 2:3-4).

Miracle School for Healing and Wholeness teaches, imparts and inspires many ministers in other churches to rise up and preach the Gospel with power for healing and miracles.

Pastor V. Dill as a father (Apostle), oversees and supports many churches (at present) and is widely seen in many countries via 18 television stations, taking the gospel with instant signs, wonders and miracles to the broken hearted, poor and wiping away their tears.

Fathering and Pastoring one of the world’s largest incredibly powerful mega ministry’s in the Middle East with sixteen (16) services per week in Dubai, UAE.

We say to everyone that this church/ministry can always be called a THANK YOU JESUS MINISTRY”

Pastor V. Dill lives with his wife, Suhanthi and their daughter, Divineha.

Due to the mammoth crowds that come, and the great manifestations of God’s power and healing with immediate signs, wonders and miracles taking place in every Miracle Moments Healing Convention in many parts of the world, Pastor Dilkumar is privileged to have mayors, ambassadors, government officials as audience at his private meetings.

He is currently being featured in eighteen famous Christian TV stations like TBN Europe, INI TV, The Church Chanel, CTS TV, Holy God, CNL, Hope TV, Gospel Vision, Miracle Chanel, Life TV, Revelation, Faith TV, New Hope TV, Harvest TV, Hope TV, The Word Network, Apna Network, Big J & Rainbow TV, for his program called Miracle Moments with Pastor Dill which take the Gospel of Christ Jesus with signs, wonders and miracles to many nations.
He also ministers at Conferences through various invitations worldwide imparting the love and miracle working power of God. And lately, the Holy Spirit has inspired him to write books titled True Anointing and Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ Heals You Right Now, Miracle Life in the Kingdom of God, Rapture, and Signs, Wonders & Miracles etc.


Rev. Dr. V. Dilkumar

(B.Sc. MIE. C. Eng., D.D.)
Founder and Senior Overseeing Pastor
Miracle Moments Healing & Blessing Festivals (Worldwide)
Miracle School for Healing & Wholeness (Worldwide)
Dubai Miracle Church & much more
Email: godslove@yourmiraclelife.com, vdil@emirates.net.ae


The people who have experienced the touch of God in their life.


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