Facets of Ministry

Miracle Healing RallyWeekly – Friday
African Miracle Life & Healing ServiceWeekly – Friday
Miracle Life School & Bible StudyWeekly – Tuesday & Monday (Barsha)
Various Languages Miracle Life ServicesWeekly – Wed / Mon / Sat
Miracle Life Prayer Centre-Intercessory Prayer Ministry 24 hours
Youth Arose MinistryWeekly – Friday
Faith Foundation (for new Believers)Weekly – Saturday
Children’s Church – Noah’s ArkWeekly – Friday / Sunday
Counseling Centre by Pastor Dill Weekly – By Appointment
Timothy’s & Andrew’s MinistryMonthly
Esther’s & Deborah’s MinistryMonthly
Prayer and Fasting ServiceMonthly
Miracle Life Prayer ServiceWeekly (Wednesday)
Newcomer’s MinistryMonthly